Welcome to Darts Over Missouri!

May 5th - May 7th, 2017

Welcome to our 28th Year!

$5 per win is back this year, celebrating Cinco De Mayo weekend!

$100 entry per team, or if you won an entry, please bring that to Registration!! We will still be screening players through the pro web site, include full name of each player and what city they are from for verification. Any player not verified can be eliminated at time of registration.

If you want to mail in your entry, please send a check filled out to Darts Over Missouri, 413 E 33rd Street Kansas City Missouri, 64109. Send checks no later than APRIL 27th!

For all teams that want to play and don't have enough players to form a team, we will have no problem finding you a team to play on! Register early and we will work on finding you a fit.

Darts Over Missouri brings the fun back in playing darts!

We are part of a growing circuit of friends and family:

  • St Louis Darts Over the Arch with George Edmonds
  • Oklahoma City Darts in the Heartland with Jayshree Naidu
  • Denver Flights Over the Rockies with Adam Drexler
  • Darts Over Dallas with Sammy Caprenter

This is an Amateur Dart Tournament!
We will NOT allow any MASTERS, RANKED or PRO PLAYERS of any kind.
We are relying on your good faith to put teams together to make play as fair as possible.
Darts Over Missouri has the right to refuse play to anyone.